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freight_resourcesThere are lots of points on commercial freight, which you have to examine before shipping overseas. They concern to types of containers, harmonized system codes of goods, freight insurance. Freight terminology is also significant for your understanding of the entire process. When using commercial freight, manufactures understand that the shipping industry has a language all of its own. Like any industry, this can be a little confusing at first. All this information may be found hereunder.

Freight Insurance ensures that if your goods are lost or damaged then you should be able to recover all your expenses and losses. It is strongly recommended to insure your cargo, as carriers terms and conditions, severely limit their liability and it is unlikely that you would recover your losses without insurance.

Harmonized System Codes
Read the information about International Harmonized System Coding. Here you may also look through the Complete Listing of the Harmonized System Codes.

International Commercial Terms
Look through the main international commercial terms that are used by businesses to make international trade easier.
The Importance of Freight Insurance
Read the following information and find out more about the importance of insurance. Get to know how to protect your freight with insurance and what you have to pay attention to when buying it.